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Coastline Project I


Re-Public:Your Relation is My Politics 

2020 .11. 21 - 12 . 20 

Venue|435 Art Zone

Organizer|New Taipei City Government

Co-organizer |Cultural Affairs Department New Taipei City

Curator|Hong-John Lin

Implementer|Waley Art

The Project entails workshop and exhibition, split into two phases — the first being the prelude to the Project where coastline images are crowdsourced from all over the world via Internet; the second being the opening — bringing about deterritorialization of the island country, Taiwan, via reversed illusive visual mapping — leaving workshop participants their choice of visuals contribution in which they utilize the installation to alter land-sea relationship and collectively create a scene by collaging their own ‘land-sea border’. Through collecting, collaging and drawing coastline images from members of the public, the Project re-conceives an imaginary deterritorialized scene. Leaving spectators their rights of visuals contribution, through the lens on land toward sea, the Project, by jointly collaging those most memorable public-contributed coastline images, aims for binding together land and sea on and on to evoke public memory. 


As if Möbius strip of Taiwan, blurring the established conceptual relationship between center and edge, exterior and interior, the utopian 360-degree panoramic scene of the island, both surreal and realistic, sources from coastline images worldwide, alters the shape of the island from inside, and feels as though a dislocated and anachronistic illusory venue.

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