Disembodied posture


Soulangh Culture Park, Tainan, Taiwan

Pine tree, fabric line, wire, charcoal

Site-specific work


I utilize natural materials to explore the essence of life and the exchange and circulation of all visible and invisible energy. Through the repeating process of construction and deconstruction, I stress the characteristic of natural objects. I infuse my energy into the withering objects, thus creating a new state of being. .


Pine trees are highly regarded in Eastern culture.The trees seem to become natural sculptures; through deliberate and artificial manipulation, they are cultivated to satisfy human aesthetics and spiritual aspiration. However, man can not prevent his own death, all boundaries and limitations will fade away in the face of death. People tend to focus on the longevity of pine tree but never on its death. This attitude toward life and death also reflects on what the Taiwanese society is now facing; it’s unacceptance to face death.


I attempt to investigate contradictory issues, such as life and death, extension and termination, growth and decay, existence and disappearance.